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Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) Management

Advanced HIV Disease Management

Zimbabwe Health Interventions provides service delivery models that improve screening, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention against advanced HIV disease (AHD) to individuals presenting to care who are antiretroviral therapy (ART) naive and those returning to care after interrupted treatment. Advanced HIV disease (AHD)is defined as CD4 cell count <200cells/mm3 or WHO stage 3 or 4 in adults and adolescents. All children younger than five years of age are considered to have advanced HIV disease (AHD). While Zimbabwe has made huge strides in HIV testing and management, up to 50% of the people living with HIV continue to present to care with advanced HIV disease (AHD). Individuals with AHD are at a high risk of death, even after starting ART. Those with AHD are more prone to opportunistic infections, including TB, severe bacterial infections, and cryptococcal meningitis. They also face an increased risk of morbidity and mortality. ZHI is scalling up models and strategies to prevent and manage advanced HIV disease.

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