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Safeguarding involves putting in place ways to protect any individual that participates in a humanitarian or development program. It means establishing procedures, protocols and policies that support the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment of any kind from occurring and also setting up ways to respond appropriately if harm does occur. At ZHI we recognise and strive to uphold the rights of all program participants, acknowledging both the program implementer and the program beneficiary.


At ZHI we strive to ensure a harassment free work environment for all staff, and this includes cultivating a culture of openness.


Harassment, exploitation, and abuse by aid workers directly contradicts the principles upon which humanitarian action is based and represents a protection failure on the part of the aid community. ZHI programming focuses on the beneficiary whose interests are at the center of all programming.

If you have any complaint regarding a wrong doing or an inappropriate behaviour from one
of ZHI staff or it’s partners against you or any member of your community, please
don’t hesitate to report your concern through:

Face To Face

You can walk into any one of our offices to register your complaints.

Suggestion Box

These are found at all our district offices.

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