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Knowledge Management Research

Knowledge Management Research

Zimbabwe Health Interventions aims to be a key institution that generates, manages, and share knowledge in health and development work, and facilitate access and use of that knowledge by stakeholders. Figure 1 shows the 3-knowledge management (KM) definitions that guide ZHI’s activities!

ZHI’s knowledge management goals include:

1. To have knowledge infrastructure and operational framework for knowledge management in place,
2. To be a key knowledge facilitator with processes in place to promote collaboration with key stakeholders via in-person and virtual mechanisms in user-friendly ways,
3. To have mechanisms in place that enable ZHI to extract, analyse, learn, and share lessons from projects and programs it implements,
4. To have systems and processes in place for sharing ZHI’s own data, information, and knowledge to improve health, wellbeing, and self-sufficiency of communities it serves,
5. To influence health and development policies through knowledge captured, shared, and transferred, and
6. To enhance ZHI’s transparency through generation and sharing of knowledge and lessons learnt on its key processes.

Implementation of KM activities are guided by the following strategic objectives:

  1. Knowledge Assessment: To discover the information needs and gaps of ZHI staff that, if addressed, can help improve effectiveness of programs and operations,
  2. Knowledge Generation and Synthesis: To facilitate generation and synthesis of high impact knowledge to optimize ZHI programs and operations,
  3. Knowledge Translation: To ensure effective translation of knowledge generated through ZHI programs and operations into language(s) and formats that target audience can grasp and apply,
  4. Knowledge Capture and Organization: To capture and organize knowledge in formats that facilitate smooth access and effective utilization for optimization of ZHI programs and operations, and
  5. Knowledge Sharing: To develop and implement strategies that ensure effective knowledge sharing and dissemination within ZHI and its stakeholders.

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