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Compliance, Contracts and Grants

Compliance Contracts and Grants is an “independent unit that oversees ZHI’s internal audit processes. Our grants and compliance processes are guided by transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulations and standards. The organization established a robust grants management system that ensures efficient and effective allocation and utilization of resources to achieve its objectives. The ZHI compliance and grants unit provides oversight to all contracting and sub-awards processes and ensure compliance with donor regulations, including audit and reporting requirements, to maintain the confidence of our partners and the public. The unit also conducts rigorous screening of implementing partners, including vetting of their financial and technical capacity, to ensure that they meet the standards required to deliver quality services and has a robust system of monitoring and evaluation to track progress in implementing our programs, identify areas of improvement and ensure value for money. A dedicated team of grants and compliance management staff provides technical support to ZHI programs and ensures that all activities aligned to donor rules and regulations.  This unit can provide compliance and grants capacity building to community-based organizations, local organizations, and religious groups.

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