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HIV/TB Collaboration

Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable and treatable disease – yet it is a leading infectious disease killer worldwide, accounting for 1.6 million deaths in 2021 alone, including 187,000 deaths among HIV positive people. ZHI implements various collaborative HIV/TB activities at all implementation levels from the community to the national level. ZHI advocates and support the institutionalization of the HIV/TB activities within the National AIDS and TB Program and the general health services. To mitigate the dual burden due to HIV and TB the organization supports the strengthening of HIV/TB collaborations through capacity building and ongoing mentorship of Health care workers on the management of the HIV/TB using the National ART guidelines. ZHI supports the supply chain management of HIV TB commodities through stock management training and commodity transportation to avoid stock raptures and challenges. ZHI has seconded staff to high volume sites to ensure that all TB notified cases are tested for HIV and put on treatment. All PLHIV are screened for TB and managed according to the National Guidelines. ZHI is supporting the scale up of TB preventive therapy (TPT) i.e 3HP in Zimbabwe.

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